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Gozo Carnival

Carnival week is undoubtedly one of the most colourful events in the Maltese calendar. Set between the Friday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday at the start of Lent, the Carnival is traditionally meant to allow for five days of revelry and celebration in costume with plenty of food and drink, just before the fasting and solemnity of Lent takes over.

The carnival in Gozo has taken this tradition to a whole new level.   It’s certainly not for everyone. While the structured schedule of events in Malta’s capital of Valletta provide family-friendly fun, the Gozitan variety features strange characteristics and peculiarities that make it unique and unforgettable.

The village of Nadur is the hub of the Gozitan carnival, where you’ll find a boisterous, grotesque and completely anonymous celebration. People hide behind their costumes and masks and keep silent to avoid being recognised for the five evenings of festivities. During the week, hundreds of locals and tourists roam the streets, dance, eat, drink and act entirely silly while dressed in the most comically absurd outfits you’ve ever seen.

The creativity and spontaneity of it all makes it unique to the Maltese Islands. It is not organised by any committee and therefore no rules apply. Masses of masked and hooded creatures flood the village streets to blow off some steam within the noisy pandemonium of horns, bells and whistles, making it event not to be missed by those looking for a night that is fun, weird and undeniably unique. 

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