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Maltese public transport is operated by Arriva.

For a route Map of the Buses please click this link.

For an updated list of Bus Routes please click this link.


Standard fares

For those who do not hold a Malta ID card, the standard fares offer a range of good value travel options:


2 hour ticket            - €2.20

1 day ticket              - €2.60

7 day ticket              - €6.50

Night single            - €2.50



2 hour ticket            - €2.20

1 day ticket             - €2.60

7 day ticket             - €12.00

(For use in Gozo only)


Boarding, alighting and stopping places.

Buses will stop to pick and set down passengers at recognised stopping places, which are normally identified by a "Bus Stop" sign. If you wish to board a bus, you should indicate clearly to the driver of an approaching bus. You must not attempt to board or alight from a moving vehicle, or even a stationary vehicle at locations other than recognised stopping points. At bus stations, passengers cannot be picked up at any place other than the official boarding point or stand for safety reasons. Shortly before the bus reaches your intended alighting point, you should alert the driver by ringing the bell.


Fares and Ticketing

When you board a bus, on each occasion you must either

  • Pay the fare for the journey you intend to take whether requested to do so or not, or
  • Show the driver a valid ticket, pass, or other form of authority to travel, together with any photo-identity that may be required, which the driver will check to confirm its validity for the journey you are making.

Fares are charged in accordance with the fare table, determined by Transport Malta, a copy of which can be found on the Arriva website Please note that different fares apply to Night Services and you may not break your journey when travelling on such services. You should ensure that you are given a new ticket issued from the ticket machine, which corresponds with the amount you have paid and is valid for your journey. You should check any change and point out any discrepancies to the driver immediately as mistakes cannot be corrected at a later stage.

When paying on the bus, payments by cheque or credit/debit cards are not accepted under any circumstances; drivers may also not have sufficient change for large bank notes at certain times so please try and tender the exact fare whenever possible. Payments by credit or debit card are only accepted at Arriva outlets or via the website for purchase of our portfolio of Saver tickets. Ticket Vending Machines also accept credit cards and some debit cards.

You must safely retain your ticket, pass or other relevant documentation for possible inspection by an official throughout your journey. If you are unable to show this or if it has expired or been altered or tampered with, you will be liable to pay another fare for the journey together with a penalty fare of €10. Any passenger who fails to pay the penalty fare shall be guilty of an offence. We will not refund you this fare if you later find the missing ticket or other document.

When you complete the journey you have paid for, or the validity of your pass or other relevant documentation expires, you must leave the bus or pay another fare to continue to your intended destination. It is your responsibility to have a valid ticket for the whole journey.

If you do not hold a valid ticket, pass or other relevant documentation you will be liable to pay the fare for the journey together with a penalty fare of €10. Any passenger who either negligently or willfully fails to pay the fare due commits a criminal offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine.

Except where it is specifically stated to the contrary, tickets, passes or other relevant documentation are not transferable from the person they are issued to. You cannot use a multi-journey ticket for more than one person during the same journey.

There is a separate fare structure for the Island of Malta and the Island of Gozo and therefore tickets purchased for travel in one of the islands does not entitle the holder to onward travel in the other island without purchasing a further ticket. The only exception to this rule is that persons who hold a valid photo identification card issued by the Government of Malta, attesting their residential address in Gozo can travel free within the Island of Gozo upon presentation of a period ticket (of 7 days or more) which is valid for travel within the Island of Malta.

If in special circumstances you are unable to pay for your intended journey, the driver will at their discretion accept you for travel only if your journey is deemed necessary and if you are able to give details of your name and address with some supporting identification to satisfaction of the driver. Vulnerable customers, children under 16 and people who in the opinion of the driver are in distress and unable to pay their fare will be carried at all times providing their name and address can be given in order that the fare due may be collected, together with administrative costs where appropriate, at a later date.


Child fares
There is no charge for children under three years of age provided they are accompanied by another passenger who is travelling on a valid basis. In the event that all seating on a bus becomes full it would be appreciated if such children could sit on the accompanying adult’s lap.

The child fare rate applies to persons who are between 3 and 10 years of age. Where the driver reasonably doubts the age of a child, they may be required to pay the adult fare.


Student fares
Student fares are available to persons between 11 and 16 years of age, inclusive, and any person who can provide evidence that they are enrolled in a full time course, the duration of which is at least 3 months, with an educational institution registered with the Ministry responsible for Education in Malta.


Elderly persons
The elderly person's rate applies to persons who are in possession of a valid Kartanzjan Card, issued in their name by the appropriate Government Department. Persons over sixty years of age that do not produce the Kartanzjan will be charged the full adult fare.


Persons with disabilities
Persons with disabilities that require use of a wheelchair will be allowed to travel free of charge on all services. This concession is given to enable such passengers to focus on a safe boarding and the positioning and securing of their wheelchair in the space allocated for wheelchairs.


Concessionary travel
If you hold a valid reduced fare permit or a Saver Card, please show this to the driver every time you board an Arriva bus. The validity of individual passes is determined by Transport Malta and/or Arriva Malta.


Diplomatic ID cardholders
Arriva Malta allows the dependents of diplomats to travel at the same rate to that charged per residents (those who are in possession of an official Maltese ID card). This concession is allowed only on the following conditions: that those passengers who wish to use our services must have their Diplomatic ID card in their possession when traveling at all times (as issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). The pass holder must present this card to the driver upon the on-board purchase of the appropriate ticket. This pass must also be made available for possible inspection by an Arriva Official throughout the journey if required.


Further information on all of Arriva’s ticket range and how certain types of ticket can be purchased off-bus can be found on the website.

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