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Għaxaq is a village in the south of Malta with a population of 4,405 people. The village's name may be derived from the Maltese word meaning delight, or it may be related to the family named Axiaq, which had feudal lands in the area. Although Ghaxaq is mainly a residential area it still has a vast landscape that is used for agriculture.

The village's main church is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary, which makes her the village's patron saint. The village square was not only ideal for spiritual relief but it was also as a hub of community gatherings, as at the time the social life of the residents centered around the church. The feast of the Assumption of Mary is celebrated on the 15th of August. Along the years another secondary feast dedicated to St. Joseph emerged and this is celebrated on the first Sunday of June. During these feasts the village is decorated with highly artistic statues and colorful lights and banners throughout the whole village.

A few metres away from the parish church one comes across the Church of St. Philip Neri, built between 23rd January 1761 and 3rd July 1762. The church is privately owned but service is regular. The Chapel of the Redeemer found on the outskirts of Ghaxaq, commonly known as Kalamija, draws a number of devotees for prayers. The chapel is looked after by the Franciscan nuns and was consecrated on the 25th September 1859.

Punic Tombs were found in Għaxaq. In the “Ta’ Karag” area, a large tomb with a skeleton of a goat or a sheep and pottery together with two earthen lamps were found in 1959. In the vicinity of the Chapel of the Redeemer, another tomb with an urn, 2 jugs, a plate and a lamp, was also discovered and this dates back to Punic times. 

Other interesting sites in Ghaxaq include an artistic house near the parish church which features a façade covered with all types of snail shells and other kinds of seashells. One can also spot an ancient sundial in the same area.

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